Prospective Clients

For prospective clients who wish to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, please click the "Book an Appointment" button to request an appointment. Prior to your scheduled session, you will be asked to complete the "Consultation Form" below so that we can get an idea of what services you are looking for in order to schedule with the appropriate staff member. We recommend completing the form prior to requesting a consultation appointment as we will not be able to confirm your appointment request until the consultation request has been completed and submitted. Once your request has been received and reviewed, you will receive an appointment confirmation notice as well as a link for the virtual session room.

Please be mindful that consultation appointments are subject to staff availability. While we try to schedule based on the client's preference, we cannot guarantee selected appointment times. Please be sure to select a time that you know you will be available to speak with the staff. Out of respect for our staff, their schedules, and all of our clients, we ask that you please be timely when attending appointments and notify us of cancelations in a timely manner. No call, no show clients will be allowed one reschedule. Subsequent no call, no show events will be subject to refusal of services at staff's discretion. 

Consultations are required to assess for therapist and/or coach-client suitability in order to allow you an opportunity to meet with our staff to see if our practice is a good for you and your needs. If we feel we are unable to provide ethical assistance, we will happily provide you with referrals for other therapy practitioners who may be of greater assistance.

Please note that we are a self-pay practice and do not accept insurance as a form of payment. We are happy to assist with the utilization of out-of-network benefits, however, determining the availability of these benefits is the client's responsibility prior to starting services.