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About us...

All Hands In

At Yolo Therapy, we are dedicated to Black excellence and healing Black trauma. Our staff of therapists and coaches offer an alternative way of reaching people in need of therapeutic and coaching services regardless of physical location. Our staff utilize trauma-informed treatment approaches to help navigate individual client goals and are trained in various evidence-based models of therapeutic intervention. We realize that not everyone is comfortable with the traditional therapeutic setting or traditional therapeutic interventions which is where the concept for a fully HIPAA-compliant online practice emerged. Our primary focus is to help clients overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from maximizing their full potential in a setting and format that lessens the discomfort associated with traditional therapeutic practices.  With decades of experience with dynamic treatment populations, we have worked in a variety of settings with a vast array of clientele which has helped shaped our therapeutic practice. We are a practice committed to providing every client with the care they deserve regardless of barriers.

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