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Our Services

We provide services individually-tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Some of the services we provide include:



We offer prospective client consultations for clients who are trying to navigate the process of beginning, modifying, or restarting their therapy journeys. Professional consultations (peer-to-peer) are also available by request to fellow practitioners who would like an objective perspective on cases, licensure preparation assistance, private practice assistance, and insurance credentialing assistance. We also offer supervision to graduate-level and provisionally licensed clinicians.  Additionally, Dr. K provides forensic consultations for legal cases including assessments, expert testimony, defense preparation, and prison transition. 

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Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are designed to focus on specific individualized-concerns presented by the client. Individual therapy can assist with stress, anxiety, depression, life changes such as career or family adjustments, relationship issues, as well as LGBTQ-focused interventions.

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is available for couples who feel they need additional assistance navigating the dynamics of their relationship. Couples therapy is a useful treatment modality for addressing communication concerns, deteriorating relational dynamics, and other concerns that tend to pull many couples apart rather than bring them together. Sessions for couples therapy are conducted via teletherapy.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is available for groups of individuals within the same family unit who experience difficulty navigating the interpersonal dynamics within the unit. Family therapy is also useful for multiple members who are experiencing distressing life events or traumatic incidents that are actively disrupting cohesion within the group. Sessions for family therapy are conducted via teletherapy and can be provided as group and/or individual sessions.

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Documentation Assistance

We offer documentation assistance for those utilizing disability, work relief, emotional support animals, etc, for a flat rate per documentation request. The fee for this service includes one evaluation session up to 60 minutes and 30 minutes of documentation completion. Please note, this service is not subject to insurance reimbursement and is considered an out of pocket expense. 

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EAP Services

We offer short-term Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for clients who have been approved for EAP sessions. We encourage clients to provide approval authorization codes upon booking services and to also contact their EAP insurance provider to ensure that we are network providers for their plan. 

Group Therapy

We offer group therapy services for clients who would like to supplement their individual services or for those who feel more comfortable engaging in therapy in group settings. We offer support, mental health and wellness, body image, gender and sexuality, skill-building, creative and expressive arts therapy, demographic specific, meditation and mindfulness, and career and life coaching groups. Groups range from structured and time-limited to rolling admissions. Group therapy services may also be covered by some insurance plans. 

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Coaching Services

For clients outside of our service area who need focused assistance with navigating and meeting short-term and long-term goals, we offer supportive coaching services. We offer a range of services for executive, lifestyle, and relationship coaching just to name a few. Through coaching, we focus less on therapeutic interventions and more on skill development, benchmark monitoring, and goal-setting to help clients maximize their truest potential.

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